Отель "Рубель"

Wedding. Everything can be in the first time.


I want to start my story from small confession. I always don’t like mountains and everything similar. And when I should decide where to go for a vacation, I usually choose sea or ocean shore. For me, water, boats, sound of seagulls is like hot chicken soup after wild night. But I will tell about it later.

However, some years ago, in wild 2013, I and my wife were invited on a wedding to Carpathians. We took some days off, filled up our silver minivan and started our way from Lviv to hotel with cool name – Rubel. With your permission, I just leave out all negative things about Ukrainian driveways and carry you to Yaremcha in a flash.

The city met us with gloomy morning and cold spring rain. Mountains look like sinister and were quite dangerous. The first impression really wasn’t pleasant. We settled in the hotel and I tumbled into bed right away because It was really long and hard way. My wife went to look round and drink wine with relatives. But my sleeping wasn’t long due to sunlight, which went through great hotel window.
I just decided to close the window with blinds and was impressed. Beautiful blue sky and amazing mountains turn this place into paradise. It was love at first sight. When I go out I almost lost consciousness, breathing extremely clear air. I suddenly had desire to eat and drink a good, stiff drink. I went to the hotel restaurant and choose the place at terrace with view on mountains.

At the moment It even seemed like a dinner in the Alps. Delicious barbecue an home-made wine with notes of currant were simply awesome. But ten minutes later I came down to earth from the clouds. It happened when the couple of drunken relatives went from the restaurant and saw me. As you understand, there is no way to avoid cries and hugging, so that I joined.

Firstly, everything was good, but until relatives took me in hands and showed tinctures. Oh, how much we drunk! It’s really great that there wasn’t more than 30 degrees because we could feel like amateurs, but we truly don’t are. The end of this story was more than happy. We woke up like zingers and, how locals said, due to tender climate, which really treat! It was the end of the first day and long second day was going to start.