Отель "Рубель"

Corporative party. Part 2


My dear reader, you can think that I’m simply the party boy and there are just work and nightclubs in my life. And you’re right to some extent. There is one rule in our gang: those, who work a lot, must also relax a lot. Oh, don’t judge me. Do you remember what you usually want after a hard day? I know your answer. You want just to grab a beer and lie down.

I left my brother in gym and came to my hotel room. But I saw that all my company gone. I also saw the note and realized that they went to Hutsul to treat themselves by liqueurs. No, I’m not afraid of my brother. And yes, I just would like to go to my friends. But to tell you the truth, all I wanted was sleeping. So, I went to the bed. Some hours later, I woke up and came to the restaurant, but my gang wasn’t there. I order pork steaks with tomato juice and started look on the tourists, who were slightly drunken. To be honest, when you are sober, dances of drunken people doesn’t look good.

Someone’s celebration was in the middle and I even wanted to take part in it. But suddenly, the hero of yesterday’s celebration came. I would be lying if I say that I was happy to see him. With the smell of yesterday’s and today’s alcohol and big stain on his T-shirt, he could barely stand up.
Some minutes later, I s
aw petite redhead with him. And I should say, that I really wondered because Kepka has just awful look, despite earning money like me. But his special style attracts women. Oh, now things are clear. My friends like introducing me to different women. And Los used it and decided to set me up with his sister, who lives in Yaremcha.

Fifteenth minutes later, he started dancing Macarena with other office clerks, so I stay with his sister. We were alone and I decided to order mulled wine for us. The celebrating is going to start, so that alcohol wasn’t banned anymore. And could I call the mulled wine an alcohol? We have been talking for a some hours and I really liked her thin cheekbones and pale lips. Thin strip of wine was on his lips and I even wanted to kiss them. Already at that moment I was wondering how god can create such strange creature as Kepka and this beautiful, sweet girl in one family.

Then, my younger brother and partner came to restaurant. He was absolutely sure that I will be drunken and dancing Macarena, but not sitting with girl. His smile and grimaces show all his wondering. Our corporative party started. And I guess he probably was drunk at that moment. But how much alcohol does a sportsmen need to drink to be a cool guy? Do you know the answer?

As you understand, we weren’t allowed to spend the evening alone together. Firstly, there was my bro with grimaces, then Los with laughing and wishes to drunk with us. And finally, there were my friends, who came from the hotel and made us have fun with them. At first, I it make me sad, but later I just understand that this girl is really similar to his brother. She also can’t sing well, like dancing Macarena and can drink more than her brother. Maybe I just saw her in dream?