Отель "Рубель"

Corporative party


Mercedes, rented by our company, slowly rode through snowdrifts and me came to Yaremcha. I with some colleagues was sleeping on the rear seat after good portions of cognac. During our way we were drinking and, as real patriots, were singing national songs. I sing so called, so-so, but some cups of alcohol can make everyone a star. I woke up due to pushing of my partner, who is my brother as well. This entire crowd, all our company of sixty people turned up in Carpathians to have fun at the hotel with strange naming – Rubel.

It was our corporative party. We came to have serious fun, so relax can be just dream. Come on and up! We picked up team of six people and came to Hutsul bar for a little treatment. Of course, we didn’t dare to drink cognac again, so we decided to try liqueurs. They are really softer and snacks from Cossack table add the coloring and taste. We were drinking Cherry Brandy, Hrenovuha and Currant on juniper and it was as light as lemonade. After that, we have Sem with home-made tinned stew and lead lard Adidas, how it called at Hutsul. After all this drinks my friend with nickname Kepka-Los decided that it’s the time for challenges. We ordered one hundreds small glass of liqueurs and he started test us on knowledge of programming theory. I didn’t remember the end of our contest, but I simply remember that it was funny. As barmen Vitya told us later, Kepka, who drink for each his question, passed out at the table. Yes, it was pretty hard for so cold coach. Then, we founded out that it isn’t simply to move 110-kilograms-body from the restaurant. Even for sober colleagues. So, all our gang, except Kepka-Los, who was putted to sleep by us, was sleeping at my hotel room. We were dressed in outer clothing, drunken and happy as hell.

The next morning I woke up due to ring of mobile phone. OMG, I missed six calls from my brother and partner. He wants to have unpleasant conversation with me in gym. I even have no clue why we are such different. He likes active vacation and sport, but I support traditional views and usually relax with alcohol and women. When I came to spacious and light gym, my brother was walking on a treadmill. He just asked me to wait some minutes. Of course, I haven’t choice and started waiting.

Yes, it was quite unpleasant conversation. I got beat up for my attitude of bad clerk, but not a director. But what made him angry the most is that I spend my vacation as usually. But there are a lot of different entertainments and facilities for great vacation at this hotel. Eventually, we agreed that I will not drink before major celebration and I must find out how to entertain WITHOUT alcohol. But how? I can’t swim in the pool all day like those office clerks. Or I could?