Отель "Рубель"

Family holiday. Part 2


We spend our day in the mountains yesterday. Holiday in Carpathians is the great thing. My husband and kids were behind me, so there were just green trees and beautiful blue sky around me. What happened with my husband? I can’t say. But he always was such mysterious idiot. Before going to bed he decided to relieve his youth and went to the tennis table. This child, who is a little over thirty, set up a tournament. Of course, he was the winner, as he said. The bottle of whisky was at stake and he brought it in our suite. His kiss told me that he drunk some portions of tinctures with new friends. But it’s the vacation. You can do it and sometimes even need to do it.

After long walking in the mountains, we had the break and ate some honey brynza and drunk wine. Was it the magic of clear air or the talent of the local chefs? But I really never ate such tasty cheese like this one. My darling, tired due to yesterday’s tournament and today’s walking, was lying on the grass and was looking on the ants like little child. How does this person can be a banker?

Our kids found hedgehog and started singing strange song for it. It’s too funny for retelling. I even don’t know why they have such strong desire for singing. I guess, members of our family even don’t sing carol on Christmas. So, I made some photos for my Instagram page, heard some funny stories from our guide and came back to my husband. But there I also heard a story. My husband complained that it would be better to come to sauna or rent quad bikes. Yes, I didn’t want to quarrel with him, so I just smiled and remembered yesterdays’ tinctures to him.

We came back to Rubel when it started to get dark. The hotel was light and lively. There we could see a lot of different people, hear a lot of different languages but the feeling of pleasure and happiness united them. During the way to room, my husband promised me to arrange romantic meal and to take the children to baby’s room. I took the shower and started findings the husband, who wasn’t at suite. Oh, what is it? The answer is simple – men truly are always kids. The playroom was for children but XBOX attracts man of all ages.
After some arguing, my husband gave up and left playroom with me. We didn’t want to come back to the suite, so we went to Hutsul. We ordered some dozens of wings with honey mustard sauce and a lot of glasses of unfiltered Panske beer. Then we started just talking about our common things. I know. It was a special romance, but I always like simple things. What is more, I had a terrible headache a stomachache after some portions of wine. Oh, our holiday shouldn’t be put at risk.

After some glasses of beer my husband tried to run from me to the tennis table. He spoke a lot about pros of cons and advices me to go to a spa, while he will be showing other players that he is the real winner. I even wanted to have a harsh conversation with this idiot. But the situation was saved by guy, who came to us with wife. Oh, they have been hugging for a very long time! I even started to be jealous of him and thought that they were old acquaints. But it was quite the opposite. This guy, who was about 25 years old, played tennis with my husband. As I understood, it was the hard game, they played really well but my husband won. Hmm, very interesting game. Firstly, I didn’t like tem but when after some glasses of tinctures our conversation started to be sincere and I realized that they are really our future friends. Rubel and Hutsul truly united people.