Отель "Рубель"

Family holiday


Summer is beautiful time, especially when you live in the city. Sun melts you with houses, cars and roads. It’s really great that there is Dnipro in our city. But it’s bad that my mother-in-low believe in working on the ground. It’s her fault that we can see the water very rarely. And all this work at home and office make me guinea pig, who just can dream about clear air and cold water. So why did we go on holiday when summer start to be real summer? I guess, everyone is smiling bitterly now. I know, it isn’t funny.

So, I with my husband and two his little funny copies went on holiday. We choose the place right away, because we never see mountains. We couldn’t go to the sea, summer house and Dnipro every year, ignoring our Ukrainian Carpathians. Yes, we truly couldn’t go on like this. The way to Yaremcha was really hard, but funny. Just imagine Ukrainian railway, children’s songs, tears and crying. How many times you can listen to song about Sponge Bob SquarePants? My record is 22 times. When we were tired, we stopped and how my kid said, relaxed.
We came to Yaremcha at first light and wanted just to sleep. But when we just were moving at the hotel with cool name – Rubel, I saw my husband and kids in the pool. To be honest, I had a little fear because my husband chose the place for our holiday. But when I go in the hotel, fears disappeared. Young and pleasant staff made me sure that everything will be great.

After long way I really wanted to eat, but no matter how hard I tried to make my kids leave the pool, I couldn’t. So, we decided to go to the Hutsul restaurant one by one. So, as my husband was busy due to swimming in big yellow life-buoy ring, I went to restaurant. I would like to drink the glass of red homemade wine very much, but despite of this, I didn’t do it. I ordered hutsul salad and tasty gurkha. Oh, we can forgive about all diets on holiday. Moreover, my husband said that there is the gym and it’s absolutely the cons of the hotel.
When I came back I was wondered and even terrified. My family just disappeared. But when I saw happy children and tired parents, it dawned on me. I went to our suite and saw my kids and husband, who was in children’s yellow life-buoy ring. Oh, how could they do it? I couldn’t guess.

I didn’t want to sleep anymore. I just want to walk out, go to the city, mountains or simply go to Hutsul and drink some wine. I took the shower, changed clothes and went to the restaurant which seems like a beautiful hive in the afternoon. Oh, there were more people than in the centre of Dnipro. But I was the luckier and found the place on the terrace. I ordered honey brynza and cold homemade wine, looking on the mountains and truly relaxing. Suddenly I heard the song about Sponge Bob behind me. But when I looked around I saw the girl, who was the same age as my sons and smiled with relief. She also smiled to me.