Отель "Рубель"

New life is going to start. Part 2


Relax. Spending a lot of time in pool… Why not? The glass of cold wine and a lot of different people, who are worrying about their own vacation. Sunlight is touching your body and makes you fall in love in everyone, even men. The mountains, which are truly impressive give unique charm to this place and make you feel at amazing Europe. Beauty and relax.

The company is really great thing, but not when you want to lay in the pool and your friends are making you to ride on quad bikes. My poor friend can find the problem even there. Oh, there are people, who don’t learn from its mistakes. So, her problem is 23 years old, has muscular, tan body and black bushy beard. She met him at hotel gym. I don’t remember who he is. During our first meeting he was sailor, who sails around the world. During our dinner at Hutsul restaurant he said something about the job of tennis coach. But as for me, he is ordinary loser-macho, who found new victim. Yes, it’s good for him that there are such women like my friend.

So, they didn’t want to listen to me and I could just hope for our new blonde friend. But I absolutely shouldn’t. She agreed to ride right away and even started calling me bore. It seemed that this woman would do anything to annoy her husband. Oh, why did we agree to stay here with us? But did I have choice? My dear friend just paid for everything.

Personally, I didn’t know what do these muscular idiots want to have? Firstly, everything was very and very good. Three girls and three boys were among the blue sky, amazing mountains and wind. I should agree, it’s pleasant to hug muscular man’s body and feel myself at safety. I haven’t been feeling it for a long time. It was feeling of being young. What is it? Maybe new life is going to start?
Oh, just fairy tale. Driver of my friend and, as I understand, her future husband suddenly looked at the back mirror and didn’t notice other quad bike, where our blonde and her driver were sitting. The blow was slight, but noise was really awful. I even thought that fight was going to start. But suddenly, blonde’s driver said some rude words to my friend’s driver. I even thought that we need ask somebody from the hotel for the help. But our sailor-coach took offence, leaves us and came.

One proud eagle flew to the nest. LOL. My beastie tried to calm the eagle and also heard some rude words. But to be honest, she deserved it. She needs to learn her own mistakes. When I and blonde were trying to calm our nervous friend, who was just crying, our drivers disappeared. Idiots. It seemed like the begging of my story. Three single girl and one vehicle.

When we came back to the hotel, we were very and very disappointed. We just wanted to go in the bed, sleep a lot and then go to home. But air made us really hungry, so we came to Hutsul, where are always celebrations and dancing. We ordered some little glasses of liqueurs and hot barbecue. Then we were just sitting and looking on old people, dancing something similar to lambada. It was pretty and funny. We were silent, eating and looking on it. And to be honest, we relieved. Hutsul really treats, such as dancing. New life is really going to start.