Отель "Рубель"

New life is going to start


I felt sad, looking on my crying friend. We were sitting in my living room and she was absolutely drunk. She had quite of bit of bad luck in relationships with men. She was the magnet for real losers, who just use her money and betray. To be honest, she isn’t the angel and also likes to have fun at nightclubs with other mans. So, she was sitting, crying, telling about her past and men, who are always idiots. I was trying to calm her, but everything was in vain. And betraying wasn’t the main reason of her sadness, she was crying because she booked the vacation and had to go for a holiday alone.

You probably think that my eyes lit up, when I heard about free vacation. Oh, you just don’t saw my friend. Yes, we can go to a café or concert on weekends, but no more. She is so nervous, that I sometimes think that she should be happy for having dating with someone. But the worst thing of her character is the constant talking. It’s really hardcore. But, to be honest, I like everything, what is free of charge. So, of course I agreed to go for a holiday with her and relax from the world of mans.

We ordered blablacar and even didn’t know that we meet the girl, who has the bigger problems, than ours. We are single, so not married lady in search of someone and risk of having some cats at an old age. Blonde, who drive the taxi wasn’t the luckiest among us. She already has been married for ten years, has two nice daughters and idiot husband, who probably betray. One girl, who should be a mistress, called her yesterday. She said that blonde’s husband was noticed at the Rubel hotel. She leaves everything behind and went right away. At the same time, she had enough common sense to set the advertisement on blablacar.

We have been moving into the hotel for a long time due to my friend, who couldn’t find her passport, which somehow was lying among the laundry. For this reason, we didn’t see what happened, when our blonde came to Hutsul restaurant. But we knew that her husband immediately left his suite and went to Kyiv in a hurry. So, we moved into hotel and went on a breakfast. We just wanted to eat and to sleep due to long way. Moreover, I really would like to drink some wine because I had an awful headache due to constant bla-bla of my friend. Oh, she really needs to stay silent at least sometimes.

We come to restaurant and met our driver. She was sitting near entrance and crying. And it was truly nice to see how the staff of hotel or restaurant was trying to calm her. Some people were also trying to comfort girl and to help her. But she didn’t want to accept any help. She really hated every man in the world in that moment. But my friend saves the day. She just went to girl and hugged her. Blonde saw the familiar face and also hugged her. It probably was the first time, when my friend was slowly and just listens to other person.
Blonde and my bro went to our hotel room together to freshen up. I had a task to go to the Hutsul and order a lot of wine with seafood or red meat. The long warm summer night at terrace was waiting for us. We really had a lot of things to talk about. It was bright day in bright hotel. And it’s just the beginning.