Отель "Рубель"

Stories, written by the words of our guests


They became acquainted 5 months ago. Irina – the project manager from Vinnitsa and Sasha – the owner of some dry-cleaners. Now, they both live in the capital of the country. They got used to everything, learned how to look on people in the metropolitan style and fell in love with urban restaurant and bars. There they became acquainted.
Sasha saw her in the crowd right away – big red down-jacket with two legs in green-violent trousers was going through blackly-grey human mass. Cold hands were holding a lot of packages and conceptual knitted hat, as big as, storm cloud was on her head.

Touching everyone on its way, down-jacket came to table, where Sasha was eating up trendy vareniki and drinking craft beer. So, this down-jacket looked on him through glasses frame with turtles on it and said “Could I seeeaaat?” Sasha just looked on this big hat, eyes the color of frozen cherry and absolutely understood that it’s his fortune.

Sasha was a smart guy and doesn’t like to circles and circles. So, three weeks later he asked her to live together in his luxurious one-room apartment on Oskorki. He acquainted her with his friends and, one month later, with parents. Their romance was developing rapidly. So, they have been acquainting for three months and he made Irina the propose.
They had the trouble from unexpected source – future bride and bridegroom couldn’t choose the place for celebration and the preparing for wedding was close to be a real disaster. Irina, which used to chilling in Egypt, was persuading Sasha that her ideal wedding must include sea, sun, wind, sandwiches from smorgasbord and suite for married couple with swans on the bed. Sasha, who like mountainous tourism and was an allergic to all-inclusive, didn’t want to see how tanned pharaoh will be staring at his future wife. So, he insisted on wedding in mountain – Tibet, Pamir or Kavkaz and Alpes, as a last resort. But these suggestions just made her angry and covered by spots or laughing when she imaged her fantastic outfit: white dress, trekking shoes and protective helmet. She even goggled white helmets to see how she can stick the veil to it.

Nobody knows how it can be finished if their friends didn’t advised them the compromise – to celebrate the wedding in Carpathians. There are mountains, civilization, a lot of beautiful views and future photos in Instagram. It reconciled the couple – they have been goggling “Wedding in Carpathians” for a some days and saw a lot of variants. But they founded their own “diamond” among all Gipsy thresh. “Look, – Irina said – it’s such a funny word. Rubel, it seems like rubel or Vrubel”. And Sasha thought – “It’s the fortune!” second time for this year. He was the kind of intellectual and knew that rubel – is the special thing for ironing the clothes. So, she saw the sign in it and asked Irina to spend the next weekends in Carpathians and booked one suite for two people in “Rubel”.
The starting of their travel was really good. Sasha read all saved publications in “mordaknuga”, Irina posted photos with her sweetheart and was finding the ideas for their wedding ceremony. It was their first great mistake – when they came to train station, the batteries of their phones was very low. The second mistake was not ordering a taxi. The mustached man with waistcoat just went to them start talking about his dear guests and his luxurious car. He seemed like a Hutsul god, offering a seat to guests, putting their luggage while smoking the cigarette and quarrelling with somebody through the phone. And didn’t forget to remember us that Rubel is very close to us and he drove people to this hotel a lot of times. Sasha and Irina just loosed their heads and agreed with everything, what this man said.

Then they were amazed a lot by mountains. The driver was telling something, laughing to his own jokes and saying a lot of strange dialect. But impressive views truly compensated it. They stopped at the road, one village was on one side and the way to upward was on the other side. So, their driver showed them this way and asked to go up alone, because he was very busy. It seemed like a usual thing, so Sasha and Irina went upward. But every step was giving them more and more anxiety. It was very silent place with no people. May be this hotel was very downshifting or there weren’t any hotels. But fortunately, the saw the wooden fence and house, where was the light. The hope appeared – may be?.. But no magic – high bearded men went from the house and explained in unpleasant tone that he is tired due to all these tourists. So, yes, it wasn’t the hotel. Just bearded men, who was protecting his own residential.

Sasha and Irina came back to the road. They looked on empty trail sadly and then looked on their mobile phones with indication of low battery and no connection even more sadly. Then, Sasha showed his inner censor and Irina showed her inner goodness. They said a lot of “pleasant” words about friends with their advice, networks, driver and Hutsul with its “Wedding in Carpathians”, that even created a new song for band “Leningrad”.
Maybe it caused a magic, because they saw the green “Citroen”, which was slowly riding to them. It stopped and they saw old men, who offered them to seat. He told them that there was really a hotel with such name, but now they made a private complex, so that drivers sometimes made mistakes and drive people to this place. There was the smell of old leather, fresh bread and tobacco in the “Citroen”. The couple calmed sown and told him everything.

The name of the old man was Mykhailo and he drove them to village and to his yard. The women ran from the house and started talking that they should be really hungry. She welcome them to the table in the centre of yard, putted two jugs of cold milk, cut some pieces of bread, putted honey and cream. Then she questioned who are they and where are they from.

The bees from old man’s apiary started buzzing; the mountains were around the clouds and looking sleepy on us. And Irina was drinking the milk like she never drinks such delicious like it. Sasha was just looking on her and his look was saying: “So, is it better in you Egypt?”
The half an hour later, old men came back with his neighbor, who promised to ride travelers to their real destination. Sasha and Ira were reluctantly riding from the village, but old man and women invited them to come.
The real hotel “Rubel” – modern and crowded – met them by worrying manager, who couldn’t call to their missing guests. Sasha and Irina told her about their long way in mountains and suddenly both said that they want to celebrate their wedding there. Four months later, Sasha, Irina and about twenty guests came back to “Rubel” again to celebrate the wedding. The guests went to home and Sasha with Irina stayed on honey moon. And now, they come again every year to celebrate their anniversary and visit old men Mykhailo with his wife in the village.