Отель "Рубель"

Wedding. Part 2. Crazy wedding.


The air in mountain saves the life’s, getting rid of hangover better, than chicken soup or brine. It’s just words of person, who drunk more than cups of tinctures. So called, no feelings at the morning. And even if it was inside me, everything was great after my visit to restaurant, where I had hangover breakfast. It includes delicious veal slices, salted cucumber, tasty soup and, the most important thing – 100 grams of white, cold vodka, as the guarantee of fun rest. Just fifteenth minutes – and I’m ready.

Later, there were a lot of special, but personal moments, which will be memories for this loving couple. I guess, it wouldn’t correct if I tell about it there. Personally, I wouldn’t like to saw the description of my wedding in the Internet. But I, as hero of this story, truly should tell about my heroic acts on this wedding. Firstly, when we were going to bride and bridegrooms, I was smiling and absolutely happy that it was the wedding of my wife’s sister and not mine. I remember my own wedding: go there, smile, say the word, don’t eat it, don’t drink it, we are going to make photos. Yes, wedding is great holiday, but just for guests. I was lost in admiration, when I saw a great range of dishes on tables. Cooks of Hutsul restaurant are really professionals, everything was delicious.

The next moment, that I also should tell is striptease-gift. Don’t worry, it wasn’t my dance. I doubt whether someone like see on the big dancing jelly belly. So, it was the break between first and second meal and we drunk quite enough vodka and tinctures to dance. But suddenly, trouble! The bride was “kidnapped” and best man, who was just one on this wedding, has no money anymore. As for me, show is more important on the wedding than money. So, I decided to save the bridegroom and to pay the money to “kidnapper” if he dances the striptease. He agreed with pleasure and danced to Joe Cocker. Girls and women were satisfied a lot, so I paid with open hurt.
Now I want to be honest with you and say that even clear air didn’t save me after weeding in Rubel. We drunk and eat more than enough and couldn’t get rid of it just with feeling of bitterness in the mouth. Moreover, an attitude of hotel personal was special. They just understood how bad we feel after good wedding and remembered us that cold artesian water from 136 meters hole flows from the tap. However, the soul cannot be cheated, so that majority of us hang out at the restaurant and treated by alcohol.

At threetenth o’clock, it was the time to say goodbye to Yaremcha. My wife made me wake up by the smell of hot tea and words, which we should left the hotel suit. We packed our things, went out and I sadly looked on the mountains and hotel Rubel, which really made us feel at home. It was truly a little time to enjoy the beauty of this place. Passing pits on our Ukrainian roads, I decided to come back to Yaremcha on the whole 14 days vacation. And what I did, but it’s another story. I saw enough at the sea, so it’s time for something new, unacquainted, but at one time your cup of tea.