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Best Derunas and Banush. Café in the centre of Yaremche

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Dear friends, our hotel – not big and compact. All our suits are situated on two storeys without 100-metres- corridors. You are waited by spacious suites with wood decorating, beds, which are soft like ice-cream and furniture from Carpathians tree, which materials consumption seems like some old trees in our suit. Our luxury suite is great for sport lovers because they are two-level.


As Vova Kuzmin’s songs “Fairy tale of my live” , Yaremcha also look like a fairy tale. White mountains and great wood, authentic buildings, clear air and soft climate, water and local wood are the components of your holiday in Yaremcha. There are magic everywhere. So that, seven Hutsul gnome built the hotel Rubel on the suburbs of Yaremcha.


Yaremcha in summer and spring gives you the calm relax for the body. Some sunlight, air and moisture, but the most important is active leisure time, not similar to the friend in Zathoka. If you want to see something unique, you should come in autumn. Then Yaremcha has such colors, which cannot be described. Peoplee even don’t believe, when they hear about Pink wood< but such kind of beauty is near “Rubel”. So, you can walk in the mountains right away from your suite. If you are tired from grey city life, you should come in autumn, when Yaremcha is full of unspeakable colours.


We have two pools. The big one – 14$ x 6 meters which works all year round, and pool for a children – 5x3 meters. They are both outside and filled with clear artesian water. There is also vacation zone with terrace and summer bar, which is equipped with beach umbrellas and chaise lounges. Of course, you can have really bright experience from winter swimming, when there are -15°C in the air, but +27-30°C in the pool, and warm suite, sauna and restaurant are near you. During the living in our hotel every guest can relax in the pool and vacation zone free of charge.


We are not greedy and have the great territory of different rooms for the rest of children. There are outside complex with swing, sandbox and hills. There are also inside playroom with XBOX, tables for improving assiduity and a lot of toys. The pools for children also work outside. As our hotel is going to have a status of family hotel, as we are planning to reconstruct wedding tent and create playing complex of labyrinth.


Detached, located just above the hotel on the mountain. It is designed for 20 people, in the steam room, which can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. You regulate the humidity yourself - moist steam and temperatures up to 90 degrees are more comfortable and better relax the body. In the bath there is an oak vat, which we fill with spring water from a 99-meter artesian well. The bath is correct, but there is one problem, it is one. And often you have to take care to put a specific watch for yourself. The secret of popularity, that it is made of a wild bar with a stone furnace, a steam room is finished - a linden and all rooms of your rest are very spacious!

The cost of the complex of bath procedures includes: Carpathian tea, bath hats and brooms, towels and sheets


We separated all our facilities – pools, sauna and spa. Because our SPA-zone isn’t similar to pools and sauna, it’s such comfortable as Rubel. The connect of suites and SPA also is very convenient. There is Jacuzzi and hydro massage for you, sweat-room for gourmets. Also, you can combine the hydro massage with sweat-room, the effect will be really bigger. Also, we have a plan to build a huge SPA-complex, but it’s just a plan. Now we are improving what we have.


We are not going to press for a sport and say you that you are needed to be in shape even during vacation. We just take care of you desire to change fork or glass on dumbbells. We have not big gym with cardio machines and weight machines in room from felling and you even can go to the mountains right away from this gym!


Free parking with video surveillance and 24-hour security

Convenient entrance to the hotel

Panoramic numbers

Wi-Fi throughout the territory

luggage storage

Sun terrace

rent of squares and bicycles

Excursion tours

Horseback rides


Hunting and fishing



Room service, excellent solution
your super secluded vacation.
The hedonists will have to repent
by 10% to the check.

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